Welcome to Nosolorol World!

Welcome to Nosolorol World!

Comienza una nueva etapa en Nosolorol. Bienvenidos a Nosolorol World.

En Nosolorol llevamos más de una década publicando rol y ocio relacionado, y apostando tanto por la traducción de licencias internacionales como por juegos de producción propia. En nuestro catálogo conviven las actuales ediciones de Vampiro: La Mascarada, Kult: Divinidad Perdida, 7º Mar o Mutant: Year Zero con juegos autóctonos como Aquelarre, Cultos Innombrables y El Resurgir del Dragón.

También diseñamos nuestros propios juegos basados en licencias internacionales, como Hora de Aventuras, Blacksad o Steven Universe, mientras apoyamos las creaciones de autores nacionales, como Nahui Ollin, Poderes Malditos o Peacemaker.
Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer un catálogo diverso e inclusivo que dé respuesta a diferentes estilos de juego, desde los más indies (de la mano de nuestro sello especializado conBarba) a los más populares (Mago, Hombre Lobo), pasando por referencias infantiles (Pequeños Detectives de Monstruos, Magissa y Los Buscaduendes) hasta propuestas de corte más clásico (Labyrinth Lord, Pendragón).

Nosolorol pone a disposición de la comunidad rolera algunos de los universos y sistemas de juego más relevantes de la actualidad: Fate (The Dresden Files, Mundos Fate, Atomic Robo, Evolution Pulse), Powered by the Apocalypse (Dungeon World, Sombras Urbanas), Casas de Sangre (y Sangre y Honor), Blades in the Dark, Hitos (Cultos Innombrables, Postapocalyptica) y todos los juegos de la colección Mundo de Tinieblas.     

Actualmente contamos con unas doscientas referencias en nuestro catálogo, entre juegos de rol, juegos de mesa, narrativa y complementos. ¡Y seguimos creciendo! Un hito que hemos conseguido gracias a la energía y la experiencia de un equipo pluridisciplinar, al deseo constante de mejorar nuestra oferta editorial y a la confianza de la creciente comunidad de jugadores de rol hispanohablantes.

Welcome to Nosolorol World!

It might all take place in a space tavern, at the crossroads headed towards many fantasy kingdoms or in a dark attic teeming with secrets that are meant to remain unknown. Who knows what the founders of this project were playing back then. More than a decade has passed and today Nosolorol has become one of most important role-playing game publishing houses in all of Europe, and we are even setting foot in South America.

In Nosolorol we’ve been publishing RPGs and entertainment for more than a decade and we’ve vouched for the translation of international licenses along with our own original games. Our catalog possesses the latest editions of Vampire: The Masquerade, Kult: Divinity Lost, 7th Sea and Mutant: Year Zero along with our own original games including Aquelarre, Nameless Cults and El Resurgir del Dragón (which uses the Dungeons and Dragons’ 5th edition SRD).

In 2015 we began one the most exciting chapters of our adventures. This happened when we started to acquire international licenses like Adventure Time, Blacksad and Steven Universe, to create our own games based on those popular worlds. At the same time we were multiplying our efforts into rooting for national authors such as Nahui Ollin, Poderes Malditos, Taura, Peacemaker and Trauma Unit. Our own authors have even developed some of the most relevant games for the new generation of the role-playing community like Nameless Cults, which gives a totally different view of the Lovecraftian Myths with its own and original gameplay with Hitos, which we can also find in many other projects within our catalog.

Our goal has always been to offer the role-playing community a varied and inclusive catalog with different game modes. We dare to approach the latest games thanks to our indie brand conBarba with reinventing games that explore new ways of playing. We have systems that have been a breakthrough such as Fate (The Dresden Files, Evolution Pulse) and Powered by the Apocalypse (Dungeon World, Urban Shadows) along with others that are much more personal like The House of the Blooded, Lacuna and Our Last Best Hope.

Furthermore, we have always paid close attention to the most popular and requested games amongst the role-playing community: Vampire: The Masquerade, Mage: The Ascension, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Labyrinth Lord, 7th Sea and Symbaroum, for instance.

Another one of our main priorities has always been to trigger some passion for RPGs into the minds of the new generations and we have worked carefully on kid’s role-playing games that have been published in Spain, like Little Monster Detectives, Magissa.

We are also exploring new designs that are more similar to tabletop games and always focusing on the narrative experience, such as Buscaduendes, We Didn’t Playtest This at All?, Grande y Peludo and Espinas. We are expanding our literary genre as well; a clear example of this is The Dresden Files novel saga.

We currently have more than 200 catalog references ranging from RPGs, tabletop games to narrative games along with a number of accessories. And we keep on growing! This milestone is all thanks to our multidisciplinary team who invested their expertise and energy on improving our publishing house and the Spanish-speaking role-playing community.

06/09/2019 Nosolorol Ediciones https://www.nosolorol.com/img/nosolorol-ediciones-logo-14727449041.jpg https://www.nosolorol.com/
Nosolorol Ediciones https://www.nosolorol.com/img/nosolorol-ediciones-logo-14727449041.jpg https://www.nosolorol.com/

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